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Want to perfect the Play of the Day? Read this… 

Updated: Feb 3

Nine times out of ten, when professionals like you jump on a complimentary strategy call with me, they all face similar problems…

Ideas at Dawn office

  • Their processes aren’t consistent...

  • ​They don’t know if they’re using the right processes

  • ​They’re always rushing to do things at the last minute with every pursuit

  • ​They’re wasting resources.

  • ​They have no real plan in place, so everything falls on one- or two people’s shoulders.

(Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m providing solutions below, keep going!)

The result? Poorly developed documents, exhaustion, anxiety, and failed pursuits.

In a single word: burnout.

This week, I want to show you how we can mirror the construction field to track the progress of our pursuits. Enter the almighty whiteboard…

tracking device

When your team meets in person, a physical whiteboard could be displayed in a central location.

If you’re more spread out or remote, you could use an Excel document, a Google Sheet, or SharePoint to keep everyone apprised of your progress.

The tracking device should be emailed to the team daily or after every Play of the Day meeting.

I hope this tracking tooltip gives you hope that there are ways to make managing proposals easier.


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