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Best Services For AEC Businesses

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Turnkey Proposal Development

We facilitate all aspects of proposal development, including overall management, volume leadership, writing, editing, graphics, layout, production and interviews. Our team collaborates with you and develops proposals using Microsoft Office, Google, and Adobe Creative Cloud. We apply proposal management techniques and tools to fit your team, the delivery method, and the time frame. We manage the proposal efficiently and cost-effectively while leveraging your team’s knowledge so you win more work.

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At Ideas at Dawn, we provide competitive edge training for AEC personnel. Quite often marketing professionals new to the industry are not familiar with the intricate details of the AEC market. On the flip side, you have professionals new to leadership or are ready to hand off the reigns. Our industry is like none other. We have created a collection of trainings to fit the the expansive catalog of topics that pose a challenge to AEC professionals from firm management to marketing and estimating.

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Grow Your AEC Firm with Proposals and Training That Win More Work

From last-minute proposals to long-term assignments to training, we have experience helping engineering and construction businesses win work and get recognized. We love helping our clients succeed while having fun, and are thrilled when our skillset and background can make the difference you need to achieve real results. Chat with us to see if our skill set is the right fit for your needs.

  • Focused AEC marketing that grows your business
  • Insightful and committed professional team ready to provide leadership
  • ​Master AEC focused training to level up staff


Our Latest Case Studies

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Kiewit Corporation


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James W. Fowler


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Kraemer North America


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Get the AEC Industry's Secrets to Proposal Development


What Our Clients Say

We may not be on Yelp but if we were, we’re pretty confident that we would have five stars. Don’t believe us? Read what our clients have to say. Still need more evidence? That’s cool, we’re the same way. Head back to our Case Study section and read up.

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Bob Beckel

Regional Vice President,
Kraemer North America

"Angie was calm and professional throughout the process. She adapted well to change and met all deadlines. She had very good ideas and insight as to how the document should look and its content."

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Matt Hogan

Area Manager,
Kraemer North America

"The results were perfect. We were successful and selected based on our proposal and interview for the project."

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Sondra Jameson

Proposal Manager,
J.W. Fowler

"Probably the best thing about working with Angie is her ability to make the proposal process fun! She's always upbeat and positive, even with dealing with a variety of personalities."

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Geoff Owen

Senior Business Development Manager,
Kiewit Corporation

"Ideas at Dawn are professional in everything - just efficient, and deliver on time what they say they'll deliver."

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Tim Maloney

Sr. Vice President,
Kraemer North America

"This project has been a key pursuit for us for many years. We wanted the best for leading our pursuit. Angie and her team provided us the best chance for success. Ideas at Dawn are professional in everything - just efficient, and deliver on time when they say they'll deliver."

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J. Barry Snyder

Signet Maritime Corporation

"Thank you for the cooperative sprint."


6 Steps to a Winning Proposal

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  • Full day of training: Learn the “Six Steps to Winning an AEC Proposal” and how to use them to win more work.
  • One-on-one mentoring to help implement the six steps within your organization, answer questions, and provide you with the confidence to consistently develop successful proposals.
  • ​Bonus: RFP Checklist template.

6 Tips for Working with SMEs

Developing technical content can be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. Working with your subject-matter experts (SME) to get everyone on the same page about proposal messaging does not need to be daunting. This training will provide the guidance needed to accomplish this task.

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  • Learn how to effectively plan and prep for the SME interview.
  • Gather tools and skill set needed to help the interview move smoothly.
  • ​Next steps for follow-up after the interview and developing content.

5 Practices to Improve Your Leadership

Leadership development is important on every level. Did you know that only 5% of businesses have implemented development at all levels? Whether you are new to leadership or getting ready to hand off the department reins, this training will take you from that 95% with feasible practices to put into place to improve performance across the board.

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  • Learn how to build trust and cohesion while still retaining leadership
  • Over $1500 in course bonuses (i.e. one-on-one consultation, course ebooks, & more).
  • ​Interactive training that provides guidance on navigating real workplace scenarios.


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