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A Simple Little Formula to Help You Win More Proposals

Updated: Feb 3

Unlock efficiency in your proposal process with an easy yet effective mathematical formula. Learn to balance your resources, preventing overstretch while maximizing your chances for a successful AEC proposal.

formula to help you win

There’s something about efficiency that feels like a competitive game. And if you think about it, being efficient often equals more time, freedom, and financial gain.

I’ll share the mathematical formula I use to minimize the waste of resources on a proposal. And before you close the newsletter tab, don’t worry. I promise this will be easy. You must evaluate a few things about your team, such as experience levels, specialties, etc. Once you have that, you will need two numbers to use this formula:

  1. The number of pages needed for the proposal.

  2. The number of days remaining to complete the proposal.

Consider your company’s last proposal, and let’s walk through this together.

  1. Estimate 10 hours of work per page needed and 8 hours per day for the number of days allowed to complete the proposal.

  2. Multiply the number of pages x 10 and the number of days x 8 to get your people's hours and the number of hours needed from each person.

  3. Divide the people's hours needed by the hours of work per person.

  4. Round to the nearest whole number, and you will get how many people you’ll need to efficiently draft a proposal that can win an owner over.

If you are a visual learner, I got you:

calculation of resources

You will need a team of 4 full-time equivalents (FTEs) to submit the proposal by the deadline. If we go back to your company’s last proposal, did you use the most efficient number of team members to complete that proposal?

This will help you maximize your resources with future proposals. Remember, stretching your resources too far or needing to be more efficient could lower your chances of winning and burn your team out. Quit playing guessing games and use this simple formula to put together your next proposal team.

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