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Boost Your Bid Success with Proposal Schedules — Here’s How!

Updated: Feb 2

Enforcing proposal schedules is your secret weapon in the competitive bid arena. By doing so, you can drive team alignment and accountability and meet deadlines seamlessly.


Let’s talk about an unsung star in the proposal development universe — the proposal schedule. As the competition gears up and gets fiercer than ever, this star silently shines brighter, helping chart the course for your proposal development journey.

Did you know a well-defined and strictly adhered proposal schedule can bolster quality responses by an impressive 19%? That's a significant advantage in submitting bids!

We all have been in the turbulent sea called 'proposal team coordination.' Keeping everyone on track and swimming in unison isn't everyone's cup of tea. That’s precisely where enforcing a proposal schedule becomes your true North Star. It aligns every team member towards the same goal and timetable.

You may be wondering how to enforce the proposal schedule. Well, here are our success-ensuring tips:

  • Set Expectations Right: The boilerplate is out; it does not pass muster. Your key to the kingdom is a proposal that's compliant, responsive, and as unique as your AEC initiative. If what's submitted doesn't meet these criteria, ring the non-responsive bell.

  • Hold Reviewers Accountable: Invite accountability to the review dancefloor as you would with writers and production staff. Remember, a strong proposal is a team sport; everyone has to play their part right.

  • Open Communication Lines: Declutter your goals and interim milestones, and clarify the final due date during the kick-off meeting. After all, none of us are stellar mind readers!

By heeding these tips, you are setting sail towards a proposal schedule that's not only created but is enforced and respected. Now, that sounds like a recipe to hit those deadlines on the bullseye!

So why linger in the what-ifs? Propel today towards giving your team the rudder they need in the choppy waters of proposal development. Take on this thrilling challenge and watch the transformation a simple proposal schedule can bring about!

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