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How showing up in THESE places can win you more proposals!

Updated: Feb 3

In the proposal world, nearly every single meeting is vital to what we do. There are two meetings you and your team need to be aware of if you want to win more work.

meeting in conference room

If you guessed estimate/price-related reviews and pre-bid task force meetings, you’d be right!

It might tempt some proposal teams to skip these essential meetings. I mean, you’re not an estimator. And you can’t go build the solution out in the field.

But you can understand the scope of the work and how your team will design and/or build the work. And that’s why you’re there.

Which means:

  • Having a better understanding of other similar projects your team has done

  • ​Easily pull proofs and experience

  • ​You’ll know what to highlight on someone’s resume

  • ​Your pink team document will be even better earlier on in the process

  • ​The graphics will be ahead of schedule

And you will avoid:

  •  Poor color (blue, pink, red, gold) review documents.

  • Or worse yet, the need to ask the client for an extension. 

Not all estimators and SMEs understand the value of involving the proposal team in their meetings. When it comes down to it, estimators, SMEs, and the proposal team oversee different processes, but we’re all a part of the same team. So, we all must be on the same page to understand the plan we’re selling to the owner.

That’s why, 20 years ago, I committed to being in those meetings.

We also have opportunities to ask questions, so we understand how the work will be done.

This means fewer fires to put out the closer we get to a color team review and proposal submission.

So next time you’re getting ready for your kick-off meeting on a new project, find out who’s leading the estimate and when your SMEs are having task force meetings.

Make sure they all know you want to be included in their brainstorms, meetings, and reviews every step of the way.


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