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How to increase coordination without getting flustered

Updated: Feb 3

The tricky part about proposals can sometimes be convincing others (ahem… estimators). And because of this, we often have to train and educate estimators on our value.

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This is a huge piece of the puzzle on which I spend a good portion of my training, but today, I’ll share helpful tips with you.

  • Don’t take it personally: yes, having to educate and do some handholding to coordinate between departments can be frustrating. The value of the marketing side is not part of the curriculum in the technical trades. So, depending on how much proposal experience estimators have, they may be privy to the importance of working with the marketing team.

  • ​Just because you’re understanding does not mean you can’t be firm.

  • ​Feel confident in asking estimators for due dates. If those due dates are too close to the end of the schedule, encourage them to move their deadline up. If you get any pushback, remind them their input dictates our writing, graphics, and overall narrative. We can’t finalize anything until their estimate is finished, and it’s okay to sternly let them know that.

  • ​Lastly, estimators need to be included in our team meetings. Including them, either daily or weekly, helps with both of the first two tips. This will educate them on what we do and show them how vital their role is in our process. PLUS: it keeps both sides in the loop on any changes affecting our timeline or price.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever struggled with coordination between departments.

And if you ever need help with coordination strategies, click on the link to apply to see if we are a fit for a free 15-minute introduction call, where we’ll determine if we can help you solves your struggles and meet your goals.

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