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Own Your Proposal Reviews With These Simple Tips

Updated: Feb 3

Let’s talk about Reviews & Recovery.


Let’s talk about Reviews & Recovery.

Reviews are a vital part of the process, so I will just dive right in with some of my best tips for preparing a review.

Once the proposal manager has confirmed review dates with the project leader, he or she should:

  • Identify any additional management personnel that needs to attend.

  • ​Send all review invites, including conference calls and web meeting information.

When it’s time to distribute the document, collect all section drafts, edit and proofread the document, and conduct a quality check.

My advice: slow down this part of the process and hand over a quality document to reviewers. Avoid racing through it and frustrating the team with errors or missing pieces, which inevitably slows you down even more.

What to send and when to send it:

One to two days before your scheduled review, create a complete pdf version of the full document (make sure covers, tabs, forms, and each proposal section draft is included here).

Include the RFQ/RFP and any evaluation scorecards so everyone can put their “owner” hats on as they review the document.

Important: don’t forget to identify your expectations for reviewers’ involvement.

  • ​Make review assignments and create an agenda, so they’ll understand the allotted times for reviewing based on their section

You can always contact me if you need help deciding which route to take.

Outline and communicate your expectations of reviewers. Make sure they’re…

​Looking at the document from the client’s perspective

  • ​Identifying problems, errors, or omissions connected with the solicitation requirements

  • ​Identifying the strengths of the proposal and how persuasive the document is (or is not)

  • ​Identifying the weaknesses (and providing resolutions to these weaknesses)

  • ​Emphasizing how the proposal stacks up against the evaluation criteria

If you follow these tips and suggestions, I can promise your review process will run smoothly, and you’ll end up with a stronger, more cohesive document.

So how do these suggested steps line up with your current review process? Are reviews a strong suit for you, or do you see room for improvement?

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