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What road trips have taught me about proposal reviews

Updated: Feb 3

Taking a breather during pursuits with a systematic review recovery process helps elevate your proposal. Following four steps, foster collaboration and ensure efficient integration of feedback to deliver winning work.

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Sometimes, taking a little breath during a pursuit can help you win more work. That little breath is more commonly known as the review recovery process. It is when we review and integrate all feedback received during each review.

During this process, we review and incorporate the reviewers' comments, work with SMEs to recover the document and graphics, make sure the document maintains its compliance with the client's requirements, and take advice from the project leadership on technical elements.

This is our time to reconsider, reinforce, clarify, and/or rewrite pieces of the document. The narrative and graphics evolve with each review. They are refined based on changes in our design and/or construction approaches.

This period is crucial and can be the most labor-intensive. But like all other aspects of the pursuit, you know I have a system to make the recovery process smooth.

Step 1 - assign champions to each section to ensure each section has someone's full attention, and everything gets noticed.

Step 2 - be prepared for a lumpy process, roll with the punches, and make sure all lines of communication are wide open.

Step 3 - verify graphics, editing, formatting, production, quality control, and delivery resources.

Step 4 - always know where we are regarding the "pens down" date.

If you follow these four steps, you will see a smoother review recovery process.

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