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Where's Your Buffer? Don't Let Unexpected Roadblocks Derail Your Day

Updated: Feb 3

Discover the transformative power of 'buffers' with Ideas at Dawn's tried and tested approach to overcoming the challenge of unpredictability in time management for AEC professionals.

don't let unexpected roadblocks derail your day

Many of us have experienced the domino effect of one delay or unforeseen circumstance disrupting our schedules. In our industry, poor time management is unfortunately common.

Your planner is tucked under your arm, and your time management apps are pinging with urgency, but life's unpredictability often overrides your carefully curated schedule. Have you ever felt enslaved by your schedule instead of reigning over it?

Well, breathe easy because we've got your stress antidote. Introducing into your lives the magical ingredient of 'buffers.' Stashed neatly within your timetable, these safe havens act as your personal safety net, ready to catch unplanned surprises and disruptions by their horns.

Pondering where to fit in these buffers? Simplify by adding half the original time to each task. A one-hour task now has 90 minutes. This helps manage time and reduce stress.

As AEC professionals, we understand the unique challenges you face daily. At Ideas at Dawn, we provide stimulating advice to enhance your performance and guide you to success. Take control of your professional journey confidently and bid goodbye to stress. We are always here to help you.

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