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How to Win Without a Capture Plan

Updated: Feb 3

Back in October 2021, my husband Jared got the travel bug which is awesome because I usually initiate all of our vacation plans. You would think it would be smooth sailing to pick a destination and put everything in motion… well, no.

Hawaii beach

The kids and I wanted to go to Hawaii, but Jared wasn’t sure about the destination. We tried every tactic in the book to convince him, but no results.

I thought about proposals I had worked on with a similar challenge – ones that were strategic must-wins, but that maybe we didn’t have an organized capture plan.

“What helped my team and me win those proposals?” I thought.

And then it came to me – We should use a PSOE approach.

PSOE – Problem, Solution, Outcome, Evidence. 


When working with owners, we: 

  • ​Figure out the reason the owner is seeking services (the Problem),

  • Identify what our firm brings to the table to address the problem (the Solution),

  • Demonstrate how we’ll provide the best value, quality, or reliability (the Outcome), and 

  • ​Support our claims with evidence from past work (the Evidence).

REMEMBER: when implementing the PSOE approach, you must ensure the entire team is on the same page. The message of our proposals must be cohesive and congruent.

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