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Master AEC Proposals: Our U-A-S-B Formula

Updated: Feb 3

Learn a simple yet powerful formula (Understanding, Analysis, Solution, and Benefit) for planning a technical proposal response.


After 15 years in proposal management and marketing on the corporate side of the AEC industry, I founded Ideas at Dawn in 2019 to serve a bigger purpose. Not only do I get to help civil engineering & construction firms win more work without adding more payroll... but I also get to mentor the next generation of teams and leaders in the corporate world so that they have a better experience than I did.

Here's the simple formula I follow when planning out the technical proposal response…

  • Understanding

  • Analysis

  • Solution

  • Benefit

Start by writing down everything you understand about the project. Some questions to think about are…

  • What is your understanding of the scope of work?

  • What work will be required to be completed?

  • What won't need to be done?

  • And what is our understanding of this project's key challenges and desired outcomes?

Then, play researcher to truly demonstrate to the owner that you know what you're talking about. Think about…

  • Which major issues require analysis?

  • What tools/methods did you use to conduct your analysis?

  • What assumptions or standards did you use?

When it's time to share your solution, you can also stand out by pointing out other solutions you thought of and rejected. This demonstrates that you've analyzed the problem and solutions completely, but also it can ghost your competitors who might have chosen a solution that you've concluded from your analysis to be unacceptable. This formula is an especially great way to tackle proposals for the federal government.

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