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The #1 Mistake Proposal Managers Do & How to Avoid It

Updated: Feb 3

Dive into an insightful exploration of how getting to know your AEC clients is akin to a successful courtship. Learn to captivate their interests from the inside out, and enjoy the thrill of winning them over in your next AEC proposal.

mistake proposal managers do and how to avoid it

As I was consulting on a project recently, I connected the dots. I saw how getting to know the owners and clients you want to work with resembles dating and courtship.

You have to do your research and get to know the owner well, like my high school boyfriend should have done before dropping an F-bomb in front of my parents out of nowhere.

Details such as the company's organization and who the board members, influencers, and decision-makers are should be on top of your mind.

You can take it further and know the company's culture, goals, constraints, and deciding power. You need to know the sponsors, anti-sponsors, coaches, blockers, and scouts and rank them from 1 (high influence) to 3 (low influence).

As the proposal manager, once you know who the decision-makers are and their deciding power, discover what motivates them so you can focus your messaging there.

Are their motivations economic, technical, or user-focused?

Remember, most clients want to know WIIFM (What's in it for me?)

Doing this research takes more time and effort, but the benefits will be tenfold and can only help you win more work.

Here's to winning them over.

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