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When perfectionism is the name of the game

Updated: Feb 3

Let’s be honest. There are areas in life and business where being done is better than perfect. But sometimes, we must be perfectionists in the proposal’s world.

4 people

The page count must be exact.

The layout must be consistent and per instructions.

It must be cohesive, creative, and coherent, but it must answer the mail.

The problem with perfectionism is that it takes a lot of time. With lots of back and forth, editing, and revisions. Unless you’re using storyboarding. I didn’t always have the bandwidth to incorporate storyboarding into my process, but with the right team in place, I swear by it. And we’re using it for nearly every project.

Storyboarding allows the team to realistically have a page count management view. This also means it prevents all the back and forth for revisions and helps us get it right the first time. Storyboarding is the antidote to stress caused by the exhausting search for perfection.

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